I write about a wide variety of topics for major newspapers, consumer and trade magazines, websites and content marketing agencies. I have interviewed CEOs, brain surgeons, celebrities, ex-gang members, teachers, entrepreneurs, gymnasts, artists, oyster farmers and Oscar-winning costume designers. I love hearing their stories and turning them into articles that engage and inspire. Here’s a sampling:


Savoring Solitude on the Pacific Crest Trail (The Washington Post)

A New Perspective on Niagara Falls (The Washington Post)

Noisy, silly, friendly pickleball – America’s fastest-growing sport (Christian Science Monitor)

Where I Go: The Meandering, Beautiful, Dangerous Angeles Crest Highway (Zócalo Public Square)

The Battle Over a Los Angeles Hilltop (Zócalo Public Square)

My Father’s Library: Looking for Answers in the Books My Dad Can’t Read Anymore (Next Avenue/Twin Cities PBS)

Go Here Not There: Central Valley’s Wind Wolves Preserve (The Washington Post)


The Perfect Sandwich: Ode to the Hickory Farms Beef Stick and Dad’s Who Can’t Cook
(Entropy Magazine)

Vieques Island: After the Celebrities Leave (Sunday Opinion, Los Angeles Times)

An Open Letter to Los Angeles Homeowners (Points in Case)

No Matter How You Stuff It, Schiacciata di Patate Is a Tradition Worth Keeping (Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine)

Estate Sales: Buying a Bit of Modern History (The Christian Science Monitor)

She Couldn’t Escape Minestrone (The Christian Science Monitor)


Dan Wallin’s Ears Aid ‘Mission Impossible’ (Los Angeles Times/Entertainment Section)

Blackboard: Spaces; School Days in the Hotel California (The New York Times/Education Life)

Really Like That Painting? Why Not Take It Home (The New York Times/Museums Special Section)

Colleges Say, Don’t Bother to Dabble (The New York Times/Special Giving Section)

Why Coca-Cola Bottles Are a Cherished Find for Sea Glass Collectors (Coca-Cola Journey)

The Best Dressers on Oscar Night (The Christian Science Monitor)

Which Film Remake is Next? Eddie Brandt Knows (The Christian Science Monitor)


From Line Cook to Business Owner: How Hedley & Bennett’s Founder Changed Her Industry (American Express Open Forum)

OUT OF BUSINESS; Lessons Learned the Hardest Way, by Going Belly Up
(The New York Times)

Brain cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in children and young adults under the age of 19. Dr. Keith Black and his team want to know why. (Cedars-Sinai’s Discoveries Magazine)

Agent of Change: Edythe Broad (Cedars-Sinai’s Catalyst Magazine)

An Oyster Farmer Dives In Head First (American Express Open Forum)

How This Entrepreneur Created a Unique Way to Shop Local
(American Express Open Forum)

NOVA Medical Products: How Customer Feedback Is Changing an Industry
(American Express Open Forum)

Brainworks: Turning dull classroom science on its head (Cedars-Sinai’s Discoveries Magazine)


A Seattle Museum’s Tech Bonanza (The Washington Post)

Los Angeles to Seattle by rail aboard the Coast Starlight (The Washington Post)

California’s Dead Sea (The Washington Post)

It’s Worth Stopping Along California 99 (The Los Angeles Times)

On a Dino Crusade in Utah, Tracks Don’t Always Follow the Map
(The Washington Post)

How to use Airbnb’s Open Homes Program to help California wildfire victims (The Washington Post)

Mexican Wines: Who Knew? (The Washington Post)

70 Perfect Miles (Sunset Magazine)

12 Places Every Chocolate Lover Should Visit (Smarter Travel)

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